Book Review – “Bounce” by Matthew Syed

Book Review – “Bounce” by Matthew Syed

This book was an eye opener for me and really lit a fire in learning more about why and how people become elite performers.  My largest taking point was that people are not born talented, they are surrounded with the proper resources and are challenged appropriately to develop the skills necessary to succeed at a sport.  Matthew Syed has done research on top performers such as Mozart, Tiger Woods, and David Beckham and more.

On the other side of the spectrum I do believe that there are genetic differences between juniors that can lead to some being more accelerated for athletic development.  But I do believe that the most important variable to developing at a  fine motor skill sport such as golf, is to surround the junior with a learning environment where they have the opportunity to improve.  Matthew Syed does a great job of laying this out, and a lot of the underlying principles are why we are so passionate about growing the iGrow Platform around the world.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in helping other become top performers.  This book is a must for parents!

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Has anyone else read Bounce?  What points in the book did you like the most?



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