The FlightScope X2 is the world’s first completely wireless, and most accurate 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf.

FlightScope Skills Games

Make your practice efficient through “Performance Practice”.

Have you ever wanted to make your practice more purposeful? The Flightscope Skills App allows you to setup a skills course to test your club distance and direction control. You can select if you want to just work on one distance or multiple and the FlightScope will run you through a Skills Training Session. You will be awarded points based on your distance and direction accuracy. Bring some friends and add as many players to the game as you wish to compete against each other. Your games data will be uploaded to each players free account at Keep a leaderboard and play a game against each other every week!

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FlightScope Combine

See how you stack up against a PGA Tour Professional

Have you ever wanted to know how your game stacks up against a PGA Tour Professional? Wouldn’t you like a complete assessment of your game to find your strengths and weaknesses? The FlightScope Combine is a one hour test that has you hit 3-5 shots at different targets between 20 yards to 240 yards. You are scored on each shot and given a score based on the distance and accuracy. You can virtually watch your shots relationship to the targets and get instant voice feedback on each shot. At the end of the combine you will be given an analysis of your session with 4 reports. Your data will be uploaded to your free account at

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Club Comparison & Yardage Report

Know your distances and look for gap yardages

Knowing how far you hit each golf club is an essential part of making good decisions and committing to your golf shot. Setup a time to meet with Matt and bring your clubs to go through a one hour club analysis session. You will hit 5 shots with each of your 13 clubs and be emailed the ball and swing data of each club. You can also customize your one hour session by bringing different clubs to the session to find which clubs or setting will maximize your distance and accuracy. Your data will also be uploaded to your free account at

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Swing Analysis

Tying swing & ball data to video analysis!

During Matt’s private lessons he utilizes the FlightScope to help his students really understand “WHY” they are hitting the type of shots they are. Traditional video analysis does not allow us to measure the swings geometric data fast and efficiently until now. Changes in your swing will not only be tracked using video, but you can actually see how your swing and ball numbers will change as well! Your data will also be uploaded to your free account at

**Note- To do a swing analysis you must setup an Initial Evaluation with Matt**

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FlightScope FAQ

Can more than one person do a session at once?

Absolutely. This is popular to split costs and still get a chance to have some fun with friends. The best training with friends would be to schedule a FlightScope Skills Game session. You can create a game and play against each other. You could also share an hour on the Club Comparison & Yardage Report Session as well.

What golf facility do the sessions take place?

Matt teaches his private lessons out of Keith Hills Golf Club in Buies Creek, NC. It is home to a beautiful 32 acre practice facility complete with 2 Practice Putting Greens, Practice Bunker, Practice Pitching Green, and Private Tee Space.

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$100 Per Hour Session

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