Two great options for developing your junior golfer!

iGrow Golf Academy

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Weekly Long-Term Programs

iGrow Golf Programs are weekly long-term golf programs where the juniors train in a group setting through a structured curriculum.  These programs are similar to enrolling your child in a golf school.

Any Skill Level - Ages 3-18

iGrow offers 4 different Programs based on your child’s age and skill development. Each program work through the same curriculum but through altered delivery and speed of content trained.

  • Spark Program – Ages 3-6
  • Ignition Program – Ages 6-9
  • Fuel Program – Ages 9-13
  • Performance Program – Ages 13-18
  • Elite Program – Ages 13-18 (coming soon)

Structured Curriculum/Roadmap

Our mission with iGrow is to progress juniors to shoot par or better.  iGrow accomplishes this task by having a 6 level learning system that covers golf skills, performance benchmarks, golf education, mental preparation, fitness benchmarks, and nutritional education.  To graduate from Level 6 Black Tag Juniors must shoot par or better. Learning System Header white br

Group Setting

The juniors train in a group setting in iGrow.  We allow a 6:1 Student to Coach ratio in the younger groups, and a 4:1 ratio with our older groups.  The group setting allows the juniors to develop relationships and friends at the course which is essential for a passion and love for the game.

Holistic Athletic Development

In iGrow we treat our students as athletes.  We believe athletes peak at a higher level than non-athletes and train the juniors holistically by not just focusing on golf 100% of the time.   The juniors will work on golf fitness, and do other non-golf related exercises and training to become powerful well rounded athletes.  So don’t be surprised if you see your junior swinging a baseball bat left and right handed as hard as they can to develop speed and power.

Private Coaching

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Custom Structured Training

Matt’s private coaching is designed to setup a custom training plan that is focused solely on your junior.  Private instruction is essential in golf as each juniors swing and technique varies to some degree.  Matt’s private coaching allows time to take a deeper look into your child’s current development using video and swing radar feedback to help measure and set goals for improvement.

Intermediate - Advanced Golfers

Matt’s private coaching is recommended for intermediate to advanced golfers who are beginning to take the sport more seriously and have shown that they want to dedicate more time to playing and practicing.  If your junior is between the ages of 3-9 and are just starting, then a weekly group setting is the best way to get them involved in the sport (Check our iGrow Golf Programs).  Matt still offers private lessons to any age, but makes sure that the focus with the younger group is of fun and enjoyment so they develop a passion and the fundamentals for the sport.  Each golfer is different and needs a different plan.  Matt’s custom coaching plans are designed to challenge each junior appropriately by setting multiple specific, measurable, and attainable goals to progress each juniors development forward.

Complete Game Analysis - Custom Plan

Every student in Matt’s Private Coaching Programs receive an online shared notebook with Matt.  He does and Initial Evaluation where he does an interview and takes a look at each are of the game using high speed video analysis as well as swing data the FlightScope X2  (see more information below).  Based on the data Matt trains each area of the game and will focus on which points are most necessary to help the junior shoot lower scores.

Private Setting

Matt’s private coaching is a one on one instruction atmosphere.  Your junior will get the most out of this time with Matt as he prepares his lessons ahead of time and makes sure the time spent is as efficient as possible.

Performance Tracking / Goal Setting

This is one of the most important pieces of the improvement process which Matt puts at the forefront of the coaching.  By measuring on the front-end we can see if a student is improving in all areas of the game.  Matt makes it clear if our focus is on lowering scores and performance based practice, or improving technical areas for the particular phase of development.  Each can be measured and each must be trained, but at different times.

Matt's Coaching Philosophy

“Training players to be their own coach”

Matt’s mission is to help every junior reach their absolute potential not only in golf, but in life.  He believes that juniors need to be coached holistically and set short, middle, and long-term goals to ensure their visions comes true.  The principles that can be taught to improve at the game are very applicable to doing better at school and preparing for a successful college career.  Golf is a very complex game as is life.  He firmly believes to reach an elite level players need to become “efficient” and “aware”.  The elite level players are very well versed in multiple areas and don’t only work hard, but work hard the right ways and in the right areas.  They also understand their golf game and are very aware of what causes missed versus great golf shots.  After initial evaluations, Matt customizes plans for each golfer to help them set realistic goals, and provides the tools, resources, education, and feedback to make sure that every minute spent training is as efficient as possible.

Goal Setting & Training Plans

Goal setting is the most important piece to efficient improvement, yet many juniors neglect to take care of this step.  From Technical to Performance Skills we can visually and statistically measure baselines and track improvement.  Matt reviews short, middle, and long-term goals with the juniors frequently to ensure each are being challenged appropriately and progressing forward.

Performance Tracking

Lowering a juniors handicap and shooting better scores is Matt’s highest coaching priority.  Matt uses the FlightScope Combine to measure the juniors swing performance.   He also uses Performance Drills for each area of the game and records their best tournament and casual rounds to help set stepping stones and consistently challenge the golfer.

Technical Skill Development

Technical Skill Development is essential to reach a peak level.  Each golfer must use each club efficiently for the different type of situations that arise.  This would mean that they need a repeatable/predictable swing that will hit the golf ball a reasonable distance.  The amount of technical development implemented in the coaching depends on the competitive situation and skill level of each junior.

Cognitive Awareness (Cause & Effect)

Matt’s goal with coaching is to have his students rely less and less on him and work towards becoming their own coach.  Every junior needs to be able to self-diagnose pieces of their game so they know what they can change or alter when they are on the course or playing in a competitive situation.  Matt’s players are all educated on their tendencies and “why” the ball is reacting the way it is based on their golf swing.

Mental Awareness (Think Like a Champion)

Golf is a game where we need to have very clear and decisive thoughts so that the mind can efficiently control the body to execute a desired thought.  Teaching golfers when to focus internally vs externally, as well as when to be thinking and when not to be thinking is a large piece to reaching a peak level.  Matt bridges mental training from the practice tee to the course so that each player is thinking and training the same way they play on the course.

Tournament Scheduling Plans

If your junior is serious about playing at an elite level, then playing in tournaments is imperative.  From local, to regional and national, you need to find a circuit and design a schedule that best suits the needs of each golfer.  Matt consults with his students on a frequent basis to not only debrief after tournaments, but also understand what season they are in to tailor the training to maximize performance.

Fitness & Nutrition Consulting

On top of being a golf coach Matt is a fitness and health enthusiast.  He is Titleist Performance Institute certified and understands how physical limitations can effect the golf swing.  Matt works hand in hand with Physical Therapist and Fitness trainers to help players who may have physical limitations or are injury prone.  Preparing the body and taking care of the body can not only maximize performance and distance control, but prevent injury as well.  An athlete is going to be able to reach a higher level in the sport than a non-athlete so it is important that we train like athletes.

On Course Development / Caddying

Being able to see the junior play on the course is very important to Matt.  In each lesson pack Matt reserves time to go on the course with the juniors.  Transferring what is being worked on to the golf course is key to success, and if Matt could teach on the golf course 100% of the time he would!

If it works with Matt’s schedule he also Caddies for his junior players upon request.

Virtual Training Notebook

Matt uses a shared Online Lesson Notebook to ensure that parents, coaches, and the junior can have access to all lesson notes.  Matt does a summary of each lesson and places screenshots of FlightScope data as well as High Speed Video in each notebook to compliment the notes.  This allows the junior to understand what they need to be working on in between lessons.  Matt also sets up Tournament Scheduling/Tracking and assembles the baseline numbers to track improvement in the notebook as well.

Follow-Up Evaluations

Matt does an Initial Evaluation with each student to measure where they are currently with their golf game.  Matt does follow-up evaluations to test the juniors and track improvement.  All data is stored in the shared Online Lesson Notebook.  (See Initial Evaluation information below).

1. Measure Performance

2. Set Goals

3. Begin Training

4. Remeasure Performance

Junior Coaching Case Studies (click below to reveal)

Wall of Improvement

See what parents are saying…

  • "Setting up golf lessons with Matt for my 10 year old son was one of the best decisions I’ve made in order to enhance his overall skill development. Matt not only explains correct swing technique but also utilizes technology to show Hayden different areas in which he needs to improve. His explanations are broken down so that Hayden can understand what specific parts of his body are supposed to be doing during each part of his golf swing. Matt’s demonstrations are relevant and easy for Hayden to understand. Not only does Matt focus on specific skills but also on developing the total golfer. He makes learning and practice fun and interesting!"

    L. Stewart
  • "Matt has done an amazing job teaching my daughter Megan to play golf. Matt brings energy, fun and a positive approach to every lesson. Megan looks forward to lessons and enjoys using the skills she learns on the course. Megan has learned not just how to play the game, but to respect the game, competitors and the course. She has learned not only golf lessons, but also lessons about integrity and etiquette that will serve her well off the course."

    B. Britt
  • Matt has been very instrumental in both of my sons early success in golf. He not only teaches them what they are doing wrong and corrects them but he explains why they are doing it. My oldest son Seth is 14 and has gone from shooting a nine hole score in the 60's to recently breaking into the 30's, in less than a year!! My youngest son Scott is 12 and has been going to Matt for around 9 to 10 months and just shot his first round in the forties. They both really look forward to lessons with Matt and some of their best rounds have come right after their lessons!! If you were considering lessons for yourself or child, I would highly recommend Matt. He really knows what he is doing and handles each person as a individual and uses their strengths to their advantage.

    A. Johnson

Private Coaching

Designed for the serious golfer who wants to become efficient & reach their absolute potential

  • 1. Setup Initial Evaluation

    Measure baselines & set goals

    The initial evaluation allows Matt to get a holistic view of each players golf game.  It is important to know where there skill set is currently to set realistic benchmarks to achieve their vision.

  • 2. Select Coaching Pack

    Add Matt to your team

    After the Initial Evaluation you can either take the information and work towards your goals on your own, or you can choose a package to add Matt to your team.

  • 3. Post Evaluation

    Measure improvement

    The final session in the package with Matt is dedicated to a re-evaluation.  This allows us to track progress and see if we are reaching our benchmarks. New goals will be set at this time.

Step 1 – Initial Evaluation

Initial Consultation

Before beginning any evaluation process Matt finds it very important to learn more about the juniors golfing and athletic background.  Matt will send an Initial Evaluation Form prior to the lesson and will review each area with the parent and junior at the beginning of the Initial Evaluation.

FlightScope Radar Combine

Matt believes in using technology to measure improvement.  The FlightScope X2 is the latest in 3-D Doppler Tracking Technology.  It allows Matt to measure and associate geometric swing & ball data for each player.  After measuring on the front end, it is used for accurate feedback and reassessments throughout training.


Initial EvaluationShort Game Evaluation

Matt utilizes a chipping and putting short game test to measure the students strengths and weaknesses around the green.  This allows for focused and efficient practice, and allows the students to measure to see if they are improving.


High Speed Video graphicHigh-Speed Video Analysis

The golf club is designed to be used in a specific way.  Matt utilizes high speed video to measure specific areas of the swing that can be improved.  Each club is different and there are many variables that influence a swing’s efficiency.  Video analysis is one of the best ways to measure, analyze and compare a juniors golf swing.

Virtual NotebookVirtual Lesson Notebook

Matt issues each student a shared online lesson notebook.  Anyone with an email can join the notebook.  After each lesson Matt does a writeup of each area of the game and places it as a note with screenshots in the notebook.  This allows Matt, Parents, and the Juniors to all have record of what to work on in their game to improve.

Step 2 - Select a Coaching Pack

Contact Matt to learn more about his junior coaching packages


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Parent FAQ

How do I setup private lessons?

Click the Contact Matt button and fill out the form and Matt will contact you as soon as he can.

Where does Matt teach?

Matt teaches his private lessons out of Keith Hills Golf Club in Buies Creek, NC.  It is home to a beautiful 32 acre practice facility complete with 2 Practice Putting Greens, Practice Bunker, Practice Pitching Green, and Private Tee Space.

Does Matt teach beginners?

Matt does teach beginners, but primarily focuses his coaching on juniors who have aspirations of playing at an advanced level.  If your child is just starting and wants a serious plan to get better fast Matt would be more than happy to be a part of their development.

iGrow VS Private Lessons

Matt highly recommends an array of training for the golfer who is looking to get better the fastest.  iGrow provides the golfers with a group training environment and structured curriculum that will help provide a roadmap for getting better.  The group setting also is a fun way to improve and creates a team atmosphere in what is considered an individual sport.

Private Lessons are essential for any golfer who is showing interest in improving at the sport.  This allows the one on one attention needed to breakdown specific areas of the golf swing that need to be improved for each particular player.  The group classes and practices (iGrow) mixed with private lessons is a powerful combination for player improvement!

Do I need to be at lessons?

No.  It is actually recommended that you hang out in the snack-bar, go play golf, or work on your game!  If parents are observing the junior feels more pressure, becomes reserved, and will begin to focus on not making mistakes, rather than exploring new ideas movement.  At the end of each lesson Matt does a review with the parent and a lesson summary is added to your shared online notebook.

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