Parent FAQ

How do I setup private lessons?

Click the Contact Matt button and fill out the form and Matt will contact you as soon as he can.

Where does Matt teach?

Matt teaches his private lessons out of Keith Hills Golf Club in Buies Creek, NC.  It is home to a beautiful 32 acre practice facility complete with 2 Practice Putting Greens, Practice Bunker, Practice Pitching Green, and Private Tee Space.

Does Matt teach beginners?

Matt does teach beginners, but primarily focuses his coaching on juniors who have aspirations of playing at an advanced level.  If your child is just starting and wants a serious plan to get better fast Matt would be more than happy to be a part of their development.

iGrow VS Private Lessons

Matt highly recommends an array of training for the golfer who is looking to get better the fastest.  iGrow provides the golfers with a group training environment and structured curriculum that will help provide a roadmap for getting better.  The group setting also is a fun way to improve and creates a team atmosphere in what is considered an individual sport.

Private Lessons are essential for any golfer who is showing interest in improving at the sport.  This allows the one on one attention needed to breakdown specific areas of the golf swing that need to be improved for each particular player.  The group classes and practices (iGrow) mixed with private lessons is a powerful combination for player improvement!

Do I need to be at lessons?

No.  It is actually recommended that you hang out in the snack-bar, go play golf, or work on your game!  If parents are observing the junior feels more pressure, becomes reserved, and will begin to focus on not making mistakes, rather than exploring new ideas movement.  At the end of each lesson Matt does a review with the parent and a lesson summary is added to your shared online notebook.

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