See what parents are saying…

  • "Setting up golf lessons with Matt for my 10 year old son was one of the best decisions I’ve made in order to enhance his overall skill development. Matt not only explains correct swing technique but also utilizes technology to show Hayden different areas in which he needs to improve. His explanations are broken down so that Hayden can understand what specific parts of his body are supposed to be doing during each part of his golf swing. Matt’s demonstrations are relevant and easy for Hayden to understand. Not only does Matt focus on specific skills but also on developing the total golfer. He makes learning and practice fun and interesting!"

    L. Stewart
  • "Matt has done an amazing job teaching my daughter Megan to play golf. Matt brings energy, fun and a positive approach to every lesson. Megan looks forward to lessons and enjoys using the skills she learns on the course. Megan has learned not just how to play the game, but to respect the game, competitors and the course. She has learned not only golf lessons, but also lessons about integrity and etiquette that will serve her well off the course."

    B. Britt
  • Matt has been very instrumental in both of my sons early success in golf. He not only teaches them what they are doing wrong and corrects them but he explains why they are doing it. My oldest son Seth is 14 and has gone from shooting a nine hole score in the 60's to recently breaking into the 30's, in less than a year!! My youngest son Scott is 12 and has been going to Matt for around 9 to 10 months and just shot his first round in the forties. They both really look forward to lessons with Matt and some of their best rounds have come right after their lessons!! If you were considering lessons for yourself or child, I would highly recommend Matt. He really knows what he is doing and handles each person as a individual and uses their strengths to their advantage.

    A. Johnson