Two great options for developing your junior golfer!

iGrow Golf Academy

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Weekly Long-Term Programs

iGrow Golf Programs are weekly long-term golf programs where the juniors train in a group setting through a structured curriculum.  These programs are similar to enrolling your child in a golf school.

Any Skill Level - Ages 3-18

iGrow offers 4 different Programs based on your child’s age and skill development. Each program work through the same curriculum but through altered delivery and speed of content trained.

  • Spark Program – Ages 3-6
  • Ignition Program – Ages 6-9
  • Fuel Program – Ages 9-13
  • Performance Program – Ages 13-18
  • Elite Program – Ages 13-18 (coming soon)

Structured Curriculum/Roadmap

Our mission with iGrow is to progress juniors to shoot par or better.  iGrow accomplishes this task by having a 6 level learning system that covers golf skills, performance benchmarks, golf education, mental preparation, fitness benchmarks, and nutritional education.  To graduate from Level 6 Black Tag Juniors must shoot par or better. Learning System Header white br

Group Setting

The juniors train in a group setting in iGrow.  We allow a 6:1 Student to Coach ratio in the younger groups, and a 4:1 ratio with our older groups.  The group setting allows the juniors to develop relationships and friends at the course which is essential for a passion and love for the game.

Holistic Athletic Development

In iGrow we treat our students as athletes.  We believe athletes peak at a higher level than non-athletes and train the juniors holistically by not just focusing on golf 100% of the time.   The juniors will work on golf fitness, and do other non-golf related exercises and training to become powerful well rounded athletes.  So don’t be surprised if you see your junior swinging a baseball bat left and right handed as hard as they can to develop speed and power.

Private Coaching

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Custom Structured Training

Matt’s private coaching is designed to setup a custom training plan that is focused solely on your junior.  Private instruction is essential in golf as each juniors swing and technique varies to some degree.  Matt’s private coaching allows time to take a deeper look into your child’s current development using video and swing radar feedback to help measure and set goals for improvement.

Intermediate - Advanced Golfers

Matt’s private coaching is recommended for intermediate to advanced golfers who are beginning to take the sport more seriously and have shown that they want to dedicate more time to playing and practicing.  If your junior is between the ages of 3-9 and are just starting, then a weekly group setting is the best way to get them involved in the sport (Check our iGrow Golf Programs).  Matt still offers private lessons to any age, but makes sure that the focus with the younger group is of fun and enjoyment so they develop a passion and the fundamentals for the sport.  Each golfer is different and needs a different plan.  Matt’s custom coaching plans are designed to challenge each junior appropriately by setting multiple specific, measurable, and attainable goals to progress each juniors development forward.

Complete Game Analysis - Custom Plan

Every student in Matt’s Private Coaching Programs receive an online shared notebook with Matt.  He does and Initial Evaluation where he does an interview and takes a look at each are of the game using high speed video analysis as well as swing data the FlightScope X2  (see more information below).  Based on the data Matt trains each area of the game and will focus on which points are most necessary to help the junior shoot lower scores.

Private Setting

Matt’s private coaching is a one on one instruction atmosphere.  Your junior will get the most out of this time with Matt as he prepares his lessons ahead of time and makes sure the time spent is as efficient as possible.

Performance Tracking / Goal Setting

This is one of the most important pieces of the improvement process which Matt puts at the forefront of the coaching.  By measuring on the front-end we can see if a student is improving in all areas of the game.  Matt makes it clear if our focus is on lowering scores and performance based practice, or improving technical areas for the particular phase of development.  Each can be measured and each must be trained, but at different times.