Low & Left to High Draws

I was so proud of the hard work that one of my students put in recently on improving the shape of his swings circle, as well as his centers and foundation.  In his words “this is really a lot of work, my body wants to take the easy route!”

Before: What type of pattern did we see?

The first lesson we found together that this student had a low and left ball flight pattern.  The ball would either start left and hook even further left, or have a low cutting motion.  We decided as a team that we wanted to launch the ball at a higher trajectory and

After: What did we change?

We meshed two improvement areas together slowly to improve the path of the club through the impact interval.  The first one was to fix how his lower foundation and centers were working in the backswing.  The hips were not turning, rather sliding in the backswing which created a very unstable foundation and setup the club to come in on a very steep angle.  By allowing the right leg to straighten and the left knee to trace over the left toe the hips became centered and the student said “I feel much more balanced!”

The second area we focused on was educating the connections the arms need to have to the body.  By explaining the golf swing is a circle and focusing more on “depth” rather than “raising” the arms in the backswing we set the club up to come in on a much shallower path.

After: What Improved?

With a shallower club path, and the weight or centers more forward and balanced, it allowed the club to swing on a more “in to out” path as well as kept the face more square to the target.  With the face not closing through impact he began using the club efficiently and he hit the highest and furthest 7-iron he ever hit!  Great work!