Centers Sequencing to Control the Clubface

Fast hips in the golf swing is a very common move.  I generally see this move in many baseball players as well as more athletic junior golfers.  When a player has fast hips you will see many sequencing compensations to allow the clubhead to catch up.

Before: What type of pattern did we see?

You will notice in the pictures on the left how the lead leg becomes a post that this player works around in the downswing.  To allow the clubhead to catch up there was a hanging back motion which was the direct cause of the fast hips.  The miss we tend to see is a lower trajectory shot that tended to start left and go left.  The hanging back will also lead to “chunked” shots due to the centers being too far behind the ball.

After: What did we change?

In the pictures on the right we worked on the hips sliding  instead of rotating while still maintaining dynamic posture in the downswing.  Hips slide is essential to keep the clubface square to the arc, as well as promote proper lowpoint.

After: What Improved?

By allowing the clubface to work in a better sequence with the body the ball goes much higher and has left curvature when done correctly.  Sequencing is everything with the golf swing!  Making sure our Connections work efficiently is something that I monitor in my players.  If the sequencing is off then we build a “Connection” process into the routine to make it easy to transition what is being worked on to the course.